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“ Our residents deserve a vibrant music scene, which can help make Toronto attractive to visitors and drive economic growth, job creation and investment in our city. ”
John Tory
Toronto Mayor
“ Toronto is a thriving centre for salsa, Latin jazz, African, Brazilian and other world music. It’s really inspiring to see so many people from different facets of our music industry/community cooperating to bring the attention of Toronto’s musical riches to international attention. ”
Tracy Jenkins
Lula Music and Arts Centre / Lula Lounge
“ Our secret, is the fact that Toronto has been expanding, population-wise, for the past 10 years. We’ve been building beyond anything you see in any other city … The economic vitality of this market is remarkable. ”
Riley O'Connor
Chairman, Live Nation Canada
“ Being a cosmopolitan city, Toronto has a lot of great musicians and music resources close at hand. There are a lot of good restaurants nearby, delivery services exist for almost anything and the nightlife ranges from classical to cutting edge. Only a large city with an active prosperity could support a studio like Noble Street Studios. ”
Henry Gooderham
Owner, Noble Street Studios
“ I’ve toured all over Canada and the USA with Triumph and I can tell you that no other city compares to Toronto for live music – Toronto is the rock ‘n roll capital of North America! ”
Gil Moore
Owner, Metalworks; Drummer, Triumph
“ Toronto is a unique live music city because at every level it has award winning venues, with a history of great sound, great staff, and solid ownership. ”
Jeff Cohen
Owner, Collective Concerts
“ Toronto’s music community is one of the most vibrant and vital in all of North America, and we are both grateful for the City’s commitment to its health and excited about the possibilities it opens up for the continued growth of the sector. This announcement represents an investment in economic development, social health, and cultural heritage, all of which will return great dividends to the people of Toronto. ”
Jesse Kumagai
Director of Programming, The Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall
(Vice President of Talent for Live Nation Canada)
“ Toronto has been missing an enormous opportunity to promote and leverage its music scene. On any given night you can see amazing bands, many of them residents of this city, and yet, while we have lavished attention on our other cultural assets, we have largely ignored music. That’s about to change. ”
Josh Colle
City Councillor, Ward 15
“ Toronto has long been considered a music mecca. With an infrastructure that breeds new talent, supports live music on a daily basis and plays host to millions of cross-opportunities for business, culture and education, Toronto has pioneered Canada’s place in the international music market. As a music business operating in Canada for 31 years, there is no better city than Toronto to assemble a global music village under one proudly-Canadian tent. ”
Neill Dixon
President, Canadian Music Week
“ Toronto is a crucial music hub. The local community of artists and professionals is a deep reservoir of talent, which is growing all the time. This fertile ground makes Toronto a very welcome stop on the international touring circuit. Toronto is a throbbing hotspot on the worldwide music map. ”
Derek Andrews
Music Curator, Luminato Festival

Early Adopters:

Numerous representatives of the recording, live music and label community have participated in the early stages of the campaign including:

Artists: Andy Maize, Gil Moore, Jully Black, Jim Cuddy, Royal Wood
Festivals and Awards: NXNE, CMW, TURF, Polaris Prize, JUNOs
Venues: Horseshoe Tavern, Lee’s Palace, Massey Hall, Roy Thomson Hall, Sound Academy
Promoters and Agents: Collective Concerts, Eggplant Entertainment, Live Nation, Billions Corporation, The Agency Group, Embrace Entertainment Group, Inc
Studios: Revolution Studios, Metalworks Studios, Orange Lounge Recording, Noble Street Studios, Lacquer Channel Mastering
Labels: Universal Music Canada, Sony Music Canada, Warner Music Canada, Coalition Music, Awesome Music, Slaight Music, Arts & Crafts
Managers: Coalition Music, Susan de Cartier, Allan Reid