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4479 – where music and the world intersect.
4479 celebrates what makes Toronto one of the greatest music cities in the world: the music, the people, the places and the city.

Who is 4479?

Every Toronto Musician or artist. Every Toronto music fan. Every Toronto booster.

What is the ultimate goal?

To create more opportunities for music performance in Toronto which is increasingly critical to the livelihood of artists and musicians – to bring more and bigger audiences to the city – to generate greater awareness in the general public and with decision makers about the value of music to the economy – to create more interest in festivals and from promoters – to generate more activity throughout the music community benefitting all those involved in music as well as creating more employment, attracting more investment and generating greater tourism revenues.

Please join us in this campaign to recognize Toronto as the incredible music city that it is!


4479: music meets world.

85 Mowat Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M6K 3E3

Phone: (416) 967-7272