City of Toronto announces new music sector development officer and Austin-Toronto Music City Alliance representatives

October 17th, 2014

The City of Toronto has announced that Mike Tanner has been hired as Toronto’s new music sector development officer. Tanner will begin the newly created position on October 21.

“The City is moving forward in developing lasting relationships with the music industry in Toronto and internationally,” said Zaib Shaikh, the City’s Film Commissioner and Director of Entertainment Industries. “Mike, an admired member of Canada’s music industry, is joining a team that’s ready and excited to help the City and its great music community grow closer together while our alliance representatives bring a wealth of industry experience in Toronto and in Austin that will greatly benefit the city now and in the future.”

Tanner has spent seven successful years with North by Northeast (NXNE), with roles in overseeing festival logistics and operations, as well as managing relations with government and other music industry organizations.

“Only a unique opportunity like this could have pulled me away from NXNE,” says Tanner. “I’m leaving behind an extraordinary organization run by wonderful people whom I’ll miss very much. But I am excited to join the new Entertainment Industries and do whatever I can to help bring the music industry and City Hall together to make Toronto the best place possible to work in music while growing our city’s reputation as one of the world’s top music cities.”

The City also announced the Austin-Toronto Music City Alliance representatives, which continues the progress of world’s first Music City Alliance, which was made official last October. Representatives will include the to-be-appointed Chair of the Economic Development and Culture Committee, as well as an additional member of the committee. Industry representatives announced today include:

  • Jeff Cohen (Owner, Collective Concerts and Toronto music venues the Horseshoe Tavern and Lee’s Palace);
  • Graham Henderson (President, Music Canada);
  • Jesse Kumagai (Vice President of Talent, Live Nation Canada); and
  • Sari Delmar (CEO and Founder of Audio Blood).

Shaikh and Tanner will join the group as representatives of the City.

Austin announced its representatives to the Alliance earlier this year.


4479 congratulates Mike Tanner and the announced representatives on their new appointments, and we look forward to continuing to work together to grow Toronto’s music sector.