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4479 – where music and the world intersect.
4479 celebrates what makes Toronto one of the greatest music cities in the world: the music, the people, the places and the city.

What is 4479?

4479 is an initiative to unite the people for whom music and Toronto intersect, around the idea of celebrating the extensive musical assets in the city, and promoting the growth of this vibrant economic sector.

4479 frequently partners with the City of Toronto, the Toronto Music Industry Advisory Committee, the Toronto-Austin Music City Alliance, and Tourism Toronto to work on shared objectives designed to benefit Toronto’s music sector..

What are the goals of 4479?

    • To create more opportunities for music performance in Toronto which is increasingly critical to the livelihood of artists and musicians
    • to bring more and bigger audiences to the city
    • to generate greater awareness in the general public and with decision makers about the value of music to the economy
    • to create more interest in festivals and from promoters in the Toronto market
    • to generate more activity throughout the music sector; benefitting all those involved in music as well as creating more employment, attracting more investment and generating greater tourism revenues.

How did 4479 get started?

4479 was created following the release of a report at NXNE in June 2012 by Music Canada entitled Accelerating Toronto’s Music Industry Growth, Leveraging Best Practices from Austin, Texas. Among its findings was that Toronto has possibly more music assets than Austin, and yet is not leveraging these assets to their full potential. Austin’s music industry generates three times as much economic activity compared to Toronto’s music industry, despite the fact the city is a third the size of Toronto.


4479 has seen progress on several of our recommendations for growing the music sector in Toronto:

  • Toronto and Austin became partners in the world’s first Music City Alliance in October 2013. The Alliance drives economic and cultural development opportunities in both cities by sharing best practices, developing new trade and tourism initiatives, and fostering expanded collaboration between the two cities’ respective music communities
  • A music advisory board, recommended in the Accelerating Toronto’s Music Industry Growth report, was implemented in December 2013 when City Council approved the establishment of the Toronto Music Industry Advisory Council.
  • The City of Toronto has hired a music sector development officer to help support and enhance the City’s relationship with the music sector at the local, municipal, and international levels

The 4479 initiative has received broad support from Toronto’s music community, with participation from numerous members of the recording, live music, and label communities. Many others have expressed their support, including numerous City Councillors.

To get involved, add your name to our growing list of supporters and join our mailing list to stay informed.